The Complete School and College Automation

The only integrated system which covers School, Finance, HRMS, Asset, Inventory and Office Automation Process Flow.

Features of Nimble Educational ERP


  1. Student Information System
    • Preadmission process (Student inquiry, shortlist, selection)
    • Student admission
    • Generate student ID card with QR-Code.
    • Recording student-related documents both personal (citizenships, father’s mother’s details, etc.) and academic certificates (migration, transcripts, character certificates, etc.)
    • Tracking student attendance (Manual and Device options available).
    • Send Email/ Notices to Students
    • Student Portal
    • Mobile app for students and parents
  2. Exam Management
    • Define grading criteria as per requirement. (Can apply different grading systems for different programs).
    • Define ranking criteria as per requirement. (Can apply different ranking systems for different programs).
    • Define exam type/assessment types
    • Define exam terms
    • Manage exam weightage
    • Create exam schedule
    • Manage exam remarks (General remarks & student-specific remarks, both options available)
    • Manage exam attendance
    • Grading for extra activities
    • Marks entry and verification (Admin and teacher both options available)
    • Result calculation and publishing result
    • Print admit card
    • Print report card (Marksheet / Grade sheet)
    • Custom report card (Report card can be customized as per school requirement)
    • Marks/grade ledger
  3. Board Exam Management
    • Board symbol number management.
    • Board exam registration.
    • Board subject registration
    • Exam registration reports
    • Subject registration reports
    • Student passed and back paper tracking
    • Marks/grade ledger
  4. Rubric Marking System
    • Rubric Rule Setup.
    • Rubric Criteria Setup.
    • Reubric Scale Setup.
    • Continuous feedback and marking system
    • Reubric Ledger
    • Customizable Report Card
    • Marks/grade ledger
  5. Learning Management System
    • Course creation, allocation, and management
    • Course/ subject wise attendance
    • Curse content and resource management
    • Assignment and homework management
    • Ranking and grading of assignments
    • Lecture notes and course plan
    • News and announcements
    • Forums and Discussions
    • Live classes (Integrated with Zoom, Google Meet)
  6. Student and Parent Self Service
    • Student and parent login portal
    • Student and parent can view all activities related the student such as student profile, attendance, marks, routines, notices and all student and parent related information.
    • Student can view course details, homework details and submit the homework details.
    • Parents can view the homework submission details and teacher comments.
    • All LMS features.
    • Student forum where students can create discussion topics and all students can add comments on the topic.


  1. Billing Management
    • Automatic push data to financial accounting
    • Online payment integration (eSewa, Khalti, Connect IPS)
    • Managing fee titles
    • Creating fee structure for classes / batches
    • Provide discount/ scholarship to students
    • Apply fine policy
    • Create fee invoice and set payment deadlines (in bulk or individual)
    • Manage bus fees, hostel fees, canteen fees etc.
    • Record fee receipts
    • Manage advance payments,
    • Miscellaneous fees assign and receipt (Copy, pen, pencil, school uniform etc.)
    • Student wise statement report
    • Daily cash collection report
    • Due reports
    • Fee due aging analysis
    • IRD Approved (optional)
  2. Financial Accounting
    • Managing chart of account (Up to 11 levels)
    • Manage customer/ vendor information
    • Manage cost center (Up to 7 dimensions)
    • Budget planning and controlling
    • Reconcile bank statements
    • Journal entries
    • Vendors bill entry
    • Payment entries (Tracking bill wise)
    • Receipt entries (Tracking bill wise)
    • Fiscal year closing
    • Check printing
    • Customized document numbering
    • Approval workflow
    • Profit and loss statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Cash flow
    • Trial balance
    • Customer/ vendor ledger
    • General ledger
    • Aging report
    • Other analytical reports
    • IRD Approved (optional)


  1. Transportation Management
    • Define route and bus stops
    • Record vehicle information
    • Record driver information
    • Record vehicle activities
    • Record vehicle maintenance information
    • Assign students to route
    • Charge fee to students (Route / location wise)
  2. Library Management System
    • Define membership type
    • Manage library membership
    • Define book category
    • Define issue rule
    • Create book group/ subgroup
    • Enter book information
    • Manage book circulation (Issue/ Renew/ Return)
    • Printing barcode/ QR Code
    • Collect fine
    • Book reservation
    • Daily book transaction report
    • Book due report
    • Book issue report
    • Book count report
    • Other custom reports
  3. Communication and Messaging
    • Sending notices to students and parents (In bulk or individuals)
    • Push notification through web and mobile apps (In bulk or individuals)
    • Email notification for different activities such as fee due, exam result, exam schedule, book due and custom emails etc.
    • SMS, Email or push notifications on mobile (In bulk or individuals)
  4. Custom reports
    1. User can create custom report as per their requirements
    2. Can create custom report template (Invoice, receipt, exam report card etc.)

Human Resources

  1. Attendance Management
    • Link attendance with Attendance devices, auto marks present, absent, late, early etc.
    • Holiday settings
    • Online attendance options are available.
    • Download attendance logs, calculate attendance, and generate reports.
    • Generate monthly attendance for salary calculation.
    • Generate Various Attendance Reports such as Daily Present, absent and Leave Status, Periodic Attendance Summary, Periodic Overtime Summary, Periodic In/Out Summary, etc.
  2. Leave Management
    • Leave master setup as per organization leave rule
    • Leave balance, opening, encashment, Lapse, and closing transfer
    • Online leave application and approval to reduce paperwork and effective leave management
  3. Employee Management (PIS)
    1. Personal Information, Service Information, Other Official Information and Salary Information
    2. Recording Pan, No, PF, CIT, Insurance Number, and Bank Account, etc.
    3. Documents Attachment.
    4. Record Family Details, Previous Employment Details, Record Education Details, Job Allocation Details.
    5. Training Details, Award Details, Research and Publications, Medical Details.
  4. Letter Generator
    • Letter generator system for employees.
    • User can generate all types of letters related to employees with predefined templates such as appointment letter, promotion letter, transfer letter etc.
    • Save your uses’ time and avoid mistake on letters by standardizing the letter generation process.
  5. Payroll
    • Can create salary titles according to requirements.
    • Complete formula-based salary titles, so easily customized with any type of organization.
    • Payment option for monthly, periodic or on demand etc.
    • Can generate any number of payment sheets in a single month.
    • Automatic TDS calculation.
    • Manage temporary/ short time-period/ full time/ part time /seasonal employees' salary, TDS, and history.
    • Generate salary slip and send slip in email.
    • Other salary reports such as SSF, PF, CIT, bank, tax deposit, advance deductions, etc.
    • Reports based on various cost centers.
  6. Employee Self Service
    • Employees have their individual login account
    • Employee can create request for Leave, Attendance, Late/Early, Overtime etc. from their login.
    • Employee themselves can view their reports such as leave balance, daily and monthly attendance, pay slip, notices, organizational document resources etc.
    • Employee’s dashboard is available to summarize all the information related to the employee and subordinates.
    • Linked with educational portal with all features.
    • Mobile apps for employee self-service.
  7. Inventory
    • System allows to manage all consumable inventory of the organization.
    • Organization can manage single or multiple stores.
    • Real time view of item stock in store.
    • Employee can request inventory and acknowledgement of receipt.
    • All required reports with dynamic reporting module.
  8. Asset Management
    • System allows to manage all fixed assets of the organization.
    • Allow to generate asset label with QR code.
    • Calculate asset depreciation for any period such as monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly.
    • Manage all lifecycle of assets such as asset booking, allocation, transfer, issue, return, repair maintenance, warranty, service history.
    • Allow period reconciliation cycle.
    • All required reports with dynamic reporting module.
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